Instruments Care

SURGIDAY INTERNATIONAL is committed to help you in protecting your instruments investment.

  • Keeping in view our commitment to provide quality and customer’s satisfaction.
  • All ophthalmic instruments need exceptionally careful handling.
  • Scissor points are extremely delicate, the tips should not be touched.
  • All scissors, needle holders and fine forceps need to have their tips protected.
  • The protectors must cover the whole blade or jaws of the instrument.
  • Scalpel blades and knives must be passed to the surgeon by the handle with the cutting edge pointing downwards. Artery forceps must be used to remove the blade.
  • No instrument should ever be thrown down! Eye instruments are extremely delicate.

            Before sterilization all instruments have to be disinfected and cleaned. Before sterilization please use one of the following three cleaning alternatives.

  1. Cleaning by hands
  2. Ultrasonic Cleaning
  3. Thermo dis-infections
  • Instruments with joints or ratchets should be cleaned and sterilized in open position only.